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Waterproof Coating

Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Material

Cement based permeable crystalline waterproofing material


Cement based permeable crystalline waterproof material is a kind of gray powder material made of ordinary portland cement as the base and mixed with active chemical composition. Cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof material, waterproof mechanism which is made of porous, under the action of water, waterproof materials containing active chemical substances, taking water as the carrier, with the infiltration of water on the structure of the pores of the active chemical with water penetrating into the inside, and the reaction of ettringite and insoluble crystals the activity of hydration reaction, chemical substances and unhydrated cement particles, and promote the formation of cement hydration, hydration of cement to generate a large number of crystal, crystal filling, plugging the pores, so that the water can not enter the concrete, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof.

Because of the good cohesiveness of cement based permeable crystalline waterproof material, both the light base plane and the base surface, the back surface and the surface of the water, the dry base plane and the wet base surface, or the water level surface, do not affect the construction effect.


This product is non-toxic and harmless, environmental protection products.

Has a long waterproof effect

With two impermeability and self-healing capabilities

With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and protect the role of steel

Simple construction

Adaptive range

Waterproof construction is widely used in tunnels, dams, reservoirs, power stations, nuclear power plant, cooling tower, underground railways, bridges, bridges, underground continuous wall, airport runway, pile head pile wastewater treatment pool, reservoir, industrial and civil building roofing, basement, toilet, and concrete buildings all concrete structure defects repair plugging.

matters needing attention

Construction at normal temperature shall not be carried out under the condition of below zero centigrade, rain, fog, sand drift and other abominable conditions.

Mixing water and curing water are the best for drinking water, so it is not suitable to use unclean polluted water.

The construction must be carried out in a concrete structure or solid cement mortar base surface, not directly to the ash layer surface, surface should be clean and free of dust, old film, dust and dirt and other debris, the capillary system provides fully open, conducive to the formation and penetration of crystallization of the products.

All of this product to besmear of concrete, should carefully check whether there are structural defects, such as cracks, holes, template rod honeycomb shaped inferior surface, holes, construction joints at the interface of the unsmooth, should repair chisel, cleaning, for caulking, reinforcing, leveling, and waterproof the construction of a large area.

Sanitary construction of the pipe joints must be specially treated, along the pipe wall and base level handover, chisel 10mm deep V groove, after plugging, and then make the base surface waterproof coating.

Make sure the coating thickness and the recommended amount of construction. By brushing method, if the slurry is too thin, mixing uneven, two times water, etc., are easy to cause the base surface powder or shell phenomenon.

If the concrete member needs backfill, the wet soil can be filled after 36 hours of construction, but the backfill shall not be dried within 7 days to prevent water absorption from the waterproof coating.

shipping and storage  Packing

The product is packed in plastic drums, net weight 25kg, and shelf life is 12 months.

Prevent rain during transportation and store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture.




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