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Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane

Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane with The Red Core Molecules



The red stick middle core molecular polymer waterproofing layer to the imported 700OF+8000A high strength resin matrix materials, and the two layer is an adhesive layer at the molecular level through the bonding effect, a waterproof dry sticky and wet shop, shop to achieve pre bonding effect and base and as closely linked as flesh and blood membrane membrane and membrane binding tight and firm and irreversible many process.

Reaction mechanism: adhesive layer in the long chain hydrocarbon side groups and hydrophilic hydroxyl (0H), carboxyl (COOH), and between the cement hydration products through ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, Fan Dehua forces and other chemical effect on the molecular level of bond bond effect.


Excellent water resistance

Can reach 0.6MPa impervious core red molecular polymer waterproofing membrane impermeable for measured values is 2 times the national standard requirements, achieve the waterproof layer 0.6MPa can withstand 60 head pressure, in underground waterproof engineering against buildings in whole life hit the highest level of underground water may be encountered. To effectively improve the reliability of waterproof underground structure.

Super cohesive force

The red core molecular viscoelastic polymer waterproofing membrane has a measured value of more than 60 minutes, exceeding 4 times as required by the national standard, and the longer it lasts to stick the paint. The greater the bond between the coil and the base, the stronger the adhesive force, which has set the Guinness record.

Super tensile strength and excellent resistance to fission

The red core molecular adhesion polymer waterproofing membrane tension measured above 500N, exceeding the national standard 3 times. The superior tensile strength can effectively resist the subsidence and deformation caused by the damage to the waterproofing membrane in the middle layer: 7000F + 8000A imported high strength red core matrix, tensile strength can reach more than 180MPa, comparable to metal. When the primary open Zhen deformation, its superior tensile strength of the material by the program continuously, increase the tensile sectional area of adhesive layer traverse, waterproof layer.

Single ply material with three waterproof functions

The core of the red core passes through the intermediate layer, the red core matrix and the upper and lower surfaces of the molecular grade self drilling glue to realize a three waterproof effect of a layer of coiled material, and the other asphalt waterproof coiled material can only reach a layer of coiled material and have a waterproof effect.

Excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance

Dry red core molecular polymer waterproofing membrane matrix by imported 7000F + 8000A resin, acid alkali salt has excellent performance, and the membrane molecules without any harmful glue dry chemical reaction in isolation outside oxygen and entangles the environment, the service life can reach 100 years, truly waterproof and construction with life.

Water tightness and water resistance of nail bar

The unique formula can tightly pack Qi to live through the nail head around the coiled material to prevent the leakage of rainwater from the nail hole position. Meanwhile, the super molecular drilling adhesive is bonded with the base surface 100% to ensure that the water does not escape.

Root resistance

In the construction of planting system, 7000F + red core matrix 8000A resin. Its good compactness and high mechanical strength, can effectively resist root penetration and in the street since viscose joined the chemical root resistance agent, can effectively prevent the material pass received by plant roots.

Full dielectric bonding

Strong cohesive ability, can make concrete, cardboard, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics, metal and other self drilling or drilling, and has excellent cohesive strength, waterproof material in "monengjiao".




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