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Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane

Cross-laminated Film Waterproof Membrane


Fast response strong cross stick film self-adhesive membrane is composed of a cross laminated high density polyethylene (HDPE) special adhesive composite membrane waterproofing membrane with high performance, strong cold construction and high quality polymer film adhesive rubber asphalt technology with a special compound and into the. The coil has superior adhesion, excellent dimensional stability, thermal stability, UV resistance and bi-directional tear resistance.

Strong cross film of the products used for high strength HDPE film using cross laminated laminated film forming process, using this technology made the vertical and horizontal elongation can not deform as like as two peas, roll, more beautiful and more reliable waterproof effect.

With high quality pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, it can be quickly combined with the concrete base. It has excellent self-healing performance and partial self-locking water performance, greatly reducing the leakage probability. Polymer membrane in compound (segment) and cement hydrates (silicate network) formation (Interface) interpenetrating network structure, and ultimately the formation of continuous mechanical bond, permanently sealed in cementitious component.


The powerful double stack film has higher tearing strength and dimensional stability, and its waterproof performance is better than that of ordinary film.

The design of vertical and horizontal mesh structure effectively solves the problem of wrinkling and bulging easily after construction of non base HDPE polymer sheet.

Mask after technical treatment, with anti ultraviolet radiation performance, even after construction for a long time exposure, it will not affect the appearance quality of products, the time can be up to 6 months or so.

High and low temperature performance, can adapt to hot and cold areas of climate change. Excellent extensibility and tensile properties, adapt to the deformation of the base of the structure.

High quality self-adhesive adhesive layer, excellent self-healing performance and partial self-locking water performance, greatly reduce leakage probability.

With unique puncture resistance, self-healing and continuous tearing resistance, nail rod has excellent water tightness.

The selection of innovation methods can be done by dry paving, wet paving, empty paving and pre laid back bonding method, which can reduce the labor intensity and meet the needs of the grassroots.

Wide width of 1m-2m to choose from, reduce lap, faster construction, especially suitable for large area construction.

Safe and environmental protection, the construction of self adhered coiled material is cold construction, friendly to the environment, and eliminates the hidden danger of the construction site.

To adapt to the scope of

For underground waterproof engineering, waterproof and non exposed roof, subway, tunnel, ponds, canals and other projects, especially suitable for the use of fire to engineering; by bonding cement mortar and the base, should adopt the self-adhesive material between the overlapping.

Strong cross membrane product performance

Ordinary film tensile membrane, with the production of self-adhesive membrane membrane encountered temperature change in Putie after will wrinkle, large deformation and easy to cause the coil being torn off.

The strong film is produced by multi layer special formula film by crossing, laminating and other processes. It overcomes many disadvantages of ordinary film and has great tensile strength and anti drying,

The technical indexes can meet the requirements of the national standard for II waterproof coiled material, and can be used as the surface material of waterproof coiled material.TIM截图20170809105020.jpg

matters needing attention

In dry construction, the base is required to be smooth and dry, and treated with a special base treatment agent.

When wet paving method is used, the air in the coil shall be driven out, and the roll and roller will be pressed to make the coil and cement gel fully adhered. The waterproof layer of the coiled material after construction shall not be trampled. After the acceptance of the waterproofing membrane, it shall be protected as soon as possible so as to protect them from exposure and physical damage.

For damaged parts, the damaged surface should be cleaned and repaired with self-adhesive film, and the width of the lap shall be no less than 100 mm.




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