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Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane

Self-adhesive Planting Roof Waterproof Materials


With the development of the city, commercial buildings and civil buildings are greatly increased, greatly reducing the green area. As a result, green buildings, buildings, planting, greenery and ecological buildings have been mentioned in the important development schedule. For root resistant membrane planting green building has been widely used, the metal base root resistant membrane and added chemical resistance of root root resistant membrane agent is the mainstream product of root resistant membrane in recent years. However, the above two kinds of waterproofing construction technology for hot melt construction method, causing environmental pollution and waste of energy, and chemical resistance to root type waterproof material, in order to adapt to the construction of hot melt, chemical root resistance agent in the modified asphalt added by special process, greatly increasing the cost of manufacturing materials. The metal base modified asphalt waterproofing materials because of its asphalt waterproof layer has no resistance to root, so the overall safety factor against the root is greatly reduced, need to do anti root postprocessing of the overlapping part travel industry, increase the project cost.

Self adhesive root resistant membrane overcomes the shortcomings of existing root resistant membrane itself, by coating the root resistant membrane of different varieties resistant to root type self adhesive film, retains the characteristics of the original material of root resistant and waterproof properties, overcome metal base waterproofing overall poor chemical resistance to root, root resistance waterproofing manufacturing defect of high cost, and the material has the characteristics of cold and wet base construction work.

The planting roof of self root resistant membrane by the isolation membrane, with anti root type self adhesive film, root resistant membrane, coated with anti root type self adhesive membrane and membrane on bottom-up order. The utility model relates to a novel waterproof coiled material for resisting the root puncture! The product not only has the characteristics of long aging resistance and ultraviolet resistance, but also has the function of resisting the damage of plant root puncture.

Using PE, PET isolation membrane isolation membrane, PVC membrane, PP membrane, PA membrane isolation, silicone oil paper film in one as the upper and lower membrane; root resistant membrane is the base metal (Pb Sn Sb alloy and composite copper, copper foil, aluminum base tire tire) waterproof materials, SBS (APP) modified bitumen root root resistant waterproof materials, polyethylene tire polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane and root resistance polyethylene composite waterproof coiled material in.

Scope of application

The utility model is especially suitable for the greening projects in special spaces. Mainly used for planting roofs, garage planting roof, balcony, roof, balcony, wall, overpass and other buildings and structures of the green matching waterproof works.

Product features

Root resistance is good. The coiled material not only has the characteristics of long aging resistance and ultraviolet resistance, but also has the function of resisting the damage of plant root puncture.

Waterproof roll has the advantages of high elasticity, high strength, aging resistance, weldability, and Gao Yanshen, crack resistance, self-healing and creep characteristics.

The waterproof performance is excellent, and the self-adhesive coil layer is directly bonded to the concrete, and the waterproof membrane and the concrete structure are combined into one layer to effectively control the phenomenon of water channeling.

The construction is convenient, the construction method is rich and the time limit is saved. Wet base surface operation and cold construction. According to different engineering conditions, dry paving method and wet paving method can be adopted.

Flexible lap joint. Can choose according to the actual situation of engineering construction hot welding, the welding strength is higher than the material itself, the waterproof layer to form a whole; also can choose the "cold self-adhesive adhesive", the effect is very ideal.

Products non-toxic, tasteless, construction process without solvent or fuel, to avoid environmental pollution and fire hazards, environmental protection, pollution-free.

Products have a strong heat resistance, low temperature resistance (flexibility) and corrosion resistance.





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