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High Polymer Waterproof Membrane

Polymer PE and PP Waterproof Membrane


High polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber (polyester) waterproofing membrane is made up of polyethylene and high strength aramid woven fabrics, C (polyester) ultraviolet light separating agent, anti-aging agent and other polymer materials, automated production line by one-time extrusion molding. The middle layer is a coiled material waterproof layer and anti aging layer, the upper and lower sides of the bonding layer is enhanced, firm and reliable, Alice, empty drum, double waterproof, is a new type of waterproof material.


Specifications:200g/m2一1200g/m2        size:Width of cloth 1200mm、1500mm

length:100M / volume, 50M / volume      Various colors can be produced according to user's requirements

Adaptive range

This product is applicable to all kinds of roofing, basement, tunnel building waterproof engineering; industrial and civil building roof and underground engineering, water storage tank, municipal, bridges, subways, tunnels, dams and other projects, especially suitable for durability and corrosion resistance requirements on the engineering of high and variable shape.


This product is a green environmental protection product, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. All conform to GB/T17219-1998 standard for safety evaluation standard of drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials.

Due to the incorporation of anti-aging agent, the product has good anti-aging, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, easy bending and tensile fracture, and anti perforation performance, to meet the requirements of "GB18173.1-2012" first part of sheet polymer waterproof materials standards, and building the same life structure, polyethylene buried in the sand not rot, not weathered by the tests that: low temperature of -40 DEG C no crack, no deformation of high temperature of +100 DEG C.

The construction on wet base base, as long as no water can be stopped after construction, heavy rain, the water swept immediately construction, is conducive to the rush period.

Good flexibility, easy bending, folding and easy operation. Kitchen, swimming pool, water pool, yin and yang angle and tube root free splay angle and arc angle, can be made into construction, avoid the next process tiles are picked bad waterproof material, to ensure that the two closed water leakage.

Fast construction speed, high efficiency, kitchen, pool, pool wall do not scratch or interface treatment. Paste ceramic tile directly on the coil, that is, labor-saving and labor-saving.

Polymer cement binder used with coil material is a kind of green environmental protection product. Which is the main raw material for production of the company matching plastic and cement tune into a paste, binder not only good bonding properties, and is itself a waterproof layer can be closed pores, the wool base resistance effect, the basic requirements are relaxed, and can play the role of leveling.

The utility model has the advantages of strong puncture resistance, good waterproof performance, good anti perforation performance, and resistance to root pricking, and the waterproof effect is obvious.


Polyethylene polypropylene (polyester) nylon waterproofing membrane and construction of the main body bonding, the use of special supporting cement materials for adhesives.

Architectural application i:

Roof waterproof: the application should pay special attention to the bonding area and bonding strength of the coil and leveling layer, which is the key technology to ensure the waterproof effect and guarantee the waterproof life.

Underground waterproof: the coiled material should be designed to be used under the condition that the water pressure has backing, so as to prevent stripping. The stripping strength shall be calculated in the absence of backing.

Indoor anti-seepage: applied to the interior wall, including the floor seepage prevention, the film paste, should ensure that the bonding layer hardening, and then surface decoration construction. In front of the interior wall decoration surface, a layer of cement paste containing 1.5% composite polymer waterproof membrane and special rubber powder shall be painted on the coil.

Ground moistureproof: apply to ground moistureproof, should pay attention to the thickness of ground surface layer, in order to ensure the stability of the ground. The roll vertical height of not less than 200mm.

Insulation: for the insulation layer, when the steam can be used single side composite coil, its paste, laying and roofing waterproof the same, the seam adopts double sided composite coil pad method, without protective layer.

Building applications two:

Seepage control of canal and reservoir; seepage control of earth rock dam

Other applications:

Can be used in metallurgy, chemical pollution prevention, waterproof, waterproof, waterproof, mine pipeline bridge waterproof, tunnel waterproof etc..




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